How Many Trees Does A Person Need For Survival?

It is a well known fact that trees, alike other small green plants, depend upon photosynthesis to be able to transform sunlight energy, water, and carbon dioxide into food required for their survival. Consequently, photosynthesis in plants is usually associated with the green pigment called chlorophyll and the production of valuable oxygen as a byproduct. […]

The Science of Probiotics, What Are They And Are They Right For You?

According to WebMD, probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts or microorganisms that are known as “good bacteria” that may be beneficial especially to the digestive system. It’s important to remember that our bodies are made of both “good” and “bad” bacteria. It’s believed that when our body is deficient of “good” bacteria, this is when […]

Breaking Story: Peanut Allergy Cure in Immunological Trail

According to The Guardian, Australian researchers seem to have made a breakthrough!! Australian researchers have found a treatment for peanut allergy in children. A small clinical trial conducted at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Australia has revealed that two-thirds of children treated with an experimental immunotherapy treatment were cured of their peanut allergy. More […]