Top 5 haunted houses in the US

1. Villisca Axe Murder House, Villisca, IA

Ranking number one on the list of haunted houses in the U.S. is the Villisca Axe Murder House. The story takes place in 1912. The story reports the murder took place between June 9, 1912 evening and the early morning of June 10, 1912. The entire Moore family which included 6 family members and 2 guests were found murdered with severe axe wounds to the head. To this day, this murder remains unsolved. Since then, there have been numerous stories of paranormal activity in that house. Many believe the answer to the murder remains within the house itself, but more than 100 years later, it remains an unsolved mystery.

2. The Sallie House, Atchison, KS

This house was built in the mid-1800 and had many owners. The story behind the Sallie House begins after a 6 year old girl, named Sallie died there due to an appendicitis surgery that went wrong. In the 1990’s, then owners Tony and Debra Pickman began to observe strange occurrence in the home, and the house began to get national recognition. After an investigation by a Kansas Paranormal Group, they discovered that Sallie wasn’t the only ghost haunting that house, a middle-aged woman haunted the home as well.

3. LaLaurie House, New Orleans, LA

This story dates back to 1832, when Dr. Louis Lalaurie and his wife, Delphine, moved into their Creole mansion in the French Quarter in New Orleans. They were a prestigious couple and well off. They were reported to throw grand parties for their friends, but it was rumored that Madame Lalaurie mistreated the slaves that took care of her house. At first her friends did not believe the rumors, until a neighbor saw Madame Lalaurie chasing a little girl with a whip and making the little girl jump off the roof which led to her death. The neighbor then saw the little girl buried in the yard. At that time in New Orleans there was a law that prohibited the cruel treatment of slaves. The authorities investigated and took away and sold all of the Lalaurie slaves in auction. Unfortunately, Madame Lalaurie had some relatives buy back some of the slaves and they then sold them back to her in secret. Stories continued to circulate regarding the mistreatment of slaves. In April 1834, a fire broke in the Lalaurie house which resulted in the authorities finding more than a dozen slaves who had been mistreated and chained to the wall and had been brutally tortured. Most of the slaves were found dead and mutilated. The Lalaurie’s were never seen again, but since then there have been plenty of stories that have recounted loud cries, attacks, screams, and groans coming from the home.

4. Bell Witch Farm, Adams, TN

This story begins in 1804, when the Bell family moved to Tennessee to live in a 320 acre farm land along the Red River. It is believed that in the summer of 1817, the Bells began to report strange occurrence taking place in the home which included animals scratching the walls, chains being dragged in the rooms, and things falling to the floor. This continued for over a year, once they grew tired and could not take any more of it, they invited some neighbors to come and spend the night in their house so they could hear the noises for themselves. It wasn’t long before they were able to get an entity to reveal itself and gave the name of Kate. Kate continued to terrorize the Bell family for years to come. It was believed that she had two goals: to kill John Bell and to break up the engagement of his youngest daughter Betsy. It was rumored that after John Bell died and the engagement was ended, Kate disappeared; however, she came back 7 years after that.

5. House of Death, New York, NY

This house is located in a very fluent area in New York City and is rumored to be haunted by 22 ghost, one of whom is reported to be Mark Twain. This home was built in during the late 1850s. Amongst the ghost, it is also reported that this home is haunted by a demon, Joel Steinberg. Steinberg was a former New York criminal defense attorney, and he was charged with first-degree manslaughter for beating his adopted daughter (6 year old) to death in November 1987. Many people who have stayed at the home since then have reported seeing a women, a child, and a cat amongst the ghosts as well. Some have reported to have seen Mark Twain wearing a white suit as well.




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